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(29th December 2016)
The Archive page now includes a .pdf of the School's production of "A Man for All Seasons". This copy of the programme has been supplied by Brian Lodge - to whom go our Thanks.
(25th December 2016)
Following yesterday's additions are 2 more of Paul Dodd's contributions - programmes of the School's productions of Noye's Fludde (Noah's Flood to you and me) and a Tribute to Shakespeare, both from 1964. They are also on the Archive page
(24th December 2016)
A couple of months ago Paul Dodd (1962 -1968) sent a series of photographs and scans for inclusion on the sports and other cultural pages. At long last the opportunity has arrived for these items to be uploaded. The first batch - 5 pix of the School cricket teams from the 1960s, featuring the aforementioned Paul - are now in the Gallery. Also supplied by Paul are the pages from the Speech Day programme for 1968, now on the Archive page
(22nd December 2016)
Our readers will have noticed a lack of site activity over the last month. This has been caused by a coincidence of factors, culminating in Mrs Webmaster suffering a heart attack and being subsequently incarcerated in hospital. Things are now looking a bit brighter so with luck activity will shortly be resumed.
(26th November 2016)
The 2016 Hot Pot Supper took place last evening, at the accustomed venue (happily repaired after lead-stealing thieves caused severe damage). The usually-staid event was enlivened by a follow-up presentation by our tame ex-policeman Bob Helm (former Detective Superintendent)of some of his professional adventures. Maurice's pix in the gallery here.
(14th November 2016)
Yesterday the Association held its annual Service of Remembrance at Preston's Minster Church, led by our Chaplain Father Tim, with a splendid congregation present. Photographs courtesy of Maurice Barker here.
(8th November 2016)
A miscellaneous assortment of files from Alick Hadwen's archive has been added into the Military Service records section (although they contain some non-military items!).
(6th November 2016)
More "missing" info recovered - this time the Gordon Knight Richardson data. It's in the Gallery. More info has also been added to the Military Service Records.
(3rd November 2016)
Some of the "missing" photographs (cricket and rugby teams) added to the Gallery.
(9th October 2016)
Members (and guests) of the Military Interest Group visited France over the weekend of 30th September/3rd October on an organised conducted tour of some of the sites of the 1916 Somme campaign. Charlie Billington's pix of the "Remembering the Somme 2016" Tour can be seen here. Report awaited.
(21st September 2016)
On 15th September members of the Association and guests visited the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, calling first at the German War Cemetery, just a few miles away. Pix (from our Secretary) here. Report awaited.
19th September 2016
A link to the Military Interest Group has been added to the links list, and corrections have been made to the "Military Records" and "Speech Day" sections.

7th September 2016
The 2016 Annual PGSA Masters Golf Tournament took place yesterday, at Ashton Golf Centre. Pix from Maurice here. Report here).

25th August 2016
The death has been announced of James Anthony Paddock, at the age of 87, in the USA, on Thursday 11th August 2016. See here.

7th July 2016
The Roebuck Cup, the annual PGSA Masters Bowls Tournament, took place today at Guy's Eatery and Fun Palace at Bilsborrow. Beautifully organised by Tony Olivine (with no repeat of last year's failed gymnastics exhibition) and won by Allan Turner, the Report is on the Events page here (in the Bowls Tournaments section) and the pix are in the gallery.

2nd July 2016
At a meeting of the Executive Council last Thursday (30th June) a proposed modification to the wording of paras 18-20 of the Constitution was proposed - see here.

17th June2016
Only 1 visit to the School was planned for 2016 and this took place yesterday. Pix in the Gallery.

3rd June 2016
The PGSA Masters golf tournament finally took place on Tuesday 31st May - delayed from the original date because the course was waterlogged following the wet winter. Pix in the Gallery.

7th July 2016
The Roebuck Cup, the annual PGSA Masters Bowls Tournament, took place today at Guy's Eatery and Fun Palace at Bilsborrow. Beautifully organised by Tony Olivine (with no repeat of last year's failed gymnastics exhibition) and won by Allan Turner, the Report is here and the pix are in the gallery.

26th May 2016
A bargain find at Preston Market which uncovered a long lost football shirt has ended up scoring support for St Catherine’s Hospice. When Andrew Atkinson came across the item he snapped it up and sent in a photo to the Lancashire Evening Post in a bid to find out more. He was contacted by the Preston Grammar School Association, which identified it as having belonged to a member of a Preston Grammar School Old Boys’ team so he knew he’d found something special. The Association was keen to add the shirt, which dates back to the 1930s, to its archives, and Andrew was pleased to offer it them in return for a donation to the hospice. He said: “I have a friend who runs a pub in Spain, who wanted me to find some local football shirts to put up there. I enjoy going to auctions and car boot sales, so I went to a car boot at Preston Market to see if I could find anything for him. I noticed this one at the bottom of the pile and just thought it was interesting – it seemed to be of some significance.” footie shirt He bagged a bargain after paying just 50p for the shirt, and was keen to help St Catherine’s when the opportunity arose to present it to the Preston Grammar School Association. Charlie Billington, Secretary of the Preston Grammar School Association, said: It’s an Old Boys’ shirt and the badge is from the Lancashire Amateur League Northern Section, Division Two, 1938-39. It’s quite unusual to find something like this, and it’s significant because it was worn by a player who belonged to a Championship-winning side – in 1939 the Club won both the First and Second Division titles, a unique feat".

Members from the Association met with Andrew at the hospice to present the cheque to the charity, and receive the football shirt.

18th April 2016
Accompanied by Charlie Billington, I went along to Coniston House in Chorley to visit Ron Foreman, one time Master at Preston Grammar School. Ron spent most of his working life at the School and managed to get me through the French ‘O’ level. He also taught Charlie the intricacies of the Spanish Language both at the School and later at the Harris College. He is still very mobile, though with failing eyesight is occasionally a little unsteady on his feet. We spent well over an hour chatting to him and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He talked at length about his time at the School, even remembering the slope of the playground where, in frosty weather, one had to be extremely careful not to slip after leaving the canteen, confessing that he was ‘no good at sliding’ (although he would have loved to have been!). His sense of humour was infectious, constantly laughing and not afraid to poke fun at himself. He has had an extremely happy life, meeting many lovely people (and a few of the others) along the way. He considers himself to be very fortunate in still having good health and being extremely happy in his current environment, though missing some of his favourite pastimes like swimming and playing the piano (but not at the same time).

ronforeman On the 26th of April 2016, Coniston House will be putting on a party to celebrate Ron reaching his 100th Birthday. We understand that the Queen has been informed and will be sending him a Telegram, though unfortunately she is unable to attend in person. I too regret that I am unable to attend as I will be out of the country at the time, though Charlie hopes to be there with Dave Sharp, as both of them not only know Ron, but also knew his late son Alan, who was Dave’s Best Man.

(Jim) I have fond memories of my time at PGS, having the greatest respect for Ron Foreman, and would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the very best for his 100th Birthday and the future.

(Charlie) Like Jim I have the greatest respect for Ron (“Carrots” doesn’t seem right anymore!), and I always remember him spurring me and others on in 2A by giving us a copy of “Le Figaro” if we came out on top in his tests. The fact that I later qualified as a Linguist meant that at least one Master (as well as “Splints” Woodall) had got through to me, despite my legendary rebellions. Testament indeed! Of course, he was also a great raconteur and quite easy to sidetrack during lessons if they became too boring. It was a privilege to see him again, although I never quite lost touch. By the time you read this his century will have been and gone, but I shall have passed on the best wishes of all of you as Members of the Preston Grammar School Association, as well as my own.

Jim Goring (with Charlie Billington).


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